We are a family company that produces honey, growing hazelnuts and melons. Our philosophy: to live in harmony with nature and with ourselves. Therefore, we do what we like most and gladly share with you a piece of our work. For example, a jar of row honey.

Honey “Honey River” is our pride! More than 50 years we produce natural, organic and very useful honey. The apiary is located far from major cities, in the quiet village of Chaika, surrounded by flowering gardens and fields, and the nearest factory is over 40 kilometers away. Bees are not prevented from creating a miracle – to make natural organic honey. We produce several varieties of honey: acacia, linden, sunflower honey, honey from different herbs, honey with honeycombs and honey with hazelnuts.


“Hazelnut breeze” is grown in the coastal strip of the Black Sea, not far from the legendary cape Kaliakra. Nuts absorb all the power of a pristine nature. In the garden we grow hazelnuts of several varieties: Roman, Tonda and Trapezund. We did not accidentally choose these varieties of hazelnuts. Nuts are round and full-bodied, they have excellent taste and oiliness, they retain their qualities for more than 2 years.