How to store honey correctly?


It’s not enough to choose a good honey, you need to keep it. With proper storage, honey does not lose its qualities for millennia! You say that this is a little wisdom? Let’s figure this out!

What should I store? Glass jar.

Honey is a very active product, which tries to interact with everything that comes into contact. We believe that the best container for storing honey is a glass jar. Glass is absolutely neutral and does not interact with honey. All our honey, we immediately put in glass jars.

Good packaging – oak barrels or small kegs, but now they are so hard to find! The ancient art of cooperans is almost lost.

Many keep honey in a plastic container. It is convenient, economical, but plastic plastic is different. For storage of honey, only food grade polypropylene with special labeling “for food products” is suitable. Otherwise, honey starts to deteriorate quickly and loses all its useful qualities.

Where to store? In a dark and cool place.

Honey is afraid of direct sunlight and heat. Already in three days on direct sunlight honey loses all its useful qualities. And when heated above 40 degrees it becomes just a sweet liquid. Therefore, think before buying honey on the market from the counter. A good beekeeper will not offer you to buy honey, put up on the counter, and get another jar.

Very often beekeepers pour honey into large metal cans for the sake of economy. Of course, it’s very convenient! But think about how this honey is removed from there, if in a few months the honey has crystallized? There is only one way – to warm it up. And are you sure that at the same time the honey was heated to the desired temperature and it retained all its useful properties? When answering this question, no one will give you any guarantees. When buying, be sure to ask the beekeeper how he spills and stores honey.

Honey can not be heated, but can it be frozen? Yes, honey can be frozen. When thawing, it will remain tasty and useful. Maybe the most favorable place for storing honey is Antarctica.

How to store? Tightly closed.

Since honey actively interacts with the external environment, including air, it must be stored in a tightly closed container. Of course, the lid must also be special: “for food”. Honey in an open container quickly absorbs water and can ferment. And if you keep an open jar of honey next to a strong-smelling food, you can soon find that your honey smells quite different from natural honey!

With proper storage, honey will remain useful for a very long time. In the Egyptian tombs, honey was found in honeycombs. He retained all his strength and useful qualities, although it was collected thousands of years ago!


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