If you ask us: what do you know about bees? We honestly answer: everything!

Beekeeping is our family business for the past 50 years. We organized our first apiary in the village of Dolgopol in 1962. Then there were only about 10 hives in it. Who could have imagined that a simple fascination with beekeeping would develop in the family business in 50 years? And the first 10 hives will give rise to the “Honey River”?


We carefully select a place for the apiary. The main criterion is ecology. There should not be factories, large agrarian farms using pesticides and roads with intensive traffic next to the apiary. Our main apiary is located in the village of Chaika, the Provadia community, and it meets our ecological requirements. Therefore, our honey “Honey River” can rightly be called organic. This confirms the laboratory analysis of honey, which we carry out after each honey harvest.


Twice a year in the apiary in the village of Chaika we collect honey. The first honey harvest is carried out in late May or early June, when honey is collected from acacia and linden. This honey is considered especially useful, fragrant and curative. The second honey crop is at the beginning or middle of August – the time of flowering of sunflower and mixed herbs. Honey from sunflower is especially sweet and good for winter tea drinking.


All the honey from honeycomb is immediately packaged in cans and sent for storage to a warehouse, in a dark and cool place. We never spill honey “Honey River” on large multi-liter cans, in order not to heat it for bottling afterwards, because when warming up honey loses all its medicinal properties. After the beekeeper, only the buyer opens a jar of honey “Honey River”. Take a look at our Buy page and you can become this buyer.


This year we offer you:

  • Meadow Honey, 900 g and 240 g
  • Natural flower honey, 900 g and 240 g
  • Honey with hazelnuts, 240 g
  • Honey with lavender, 240 g
  • Cream honey, 850 g and 230 g
  • Honey cream with hazelnuts, 230 g
  • Honey cream with cherries, 230 g
  • Cream honey with pine nuts, 230 g
  • Cream honey with cocoa, 230 g
  • Cream honey with ginger, 230 g
  • Cream honey with hot pepper, 230 g