The magic of acacia honey

The variety of honey depends on what honey plant the bees collected nectar. In May, the main spring honey plant – acacia begins to blossom. Her lush bunches fill the air with a fragrant light aroma and turn her head. Now the bees are working tirelessly, filling honeycombs in the hive with transparent acacia honey.

Acacia honey is very light, its shade varies from almost white and transparent to light yellow. Acacia honey is the record holder of the liquid state. To crystallize, it takes a long months, or even years.

Acacia honey can vary in color and smell, depending on the amount of nectar of a particular type of acacia. Honey white acacia transparent, eventually becomes white, similar to snow. Honey from the yellow acacia is very liquid with a yellowish tinge. After crystallization it changes color to white yellow and becomes something like bacon. In acacia honey, the lowest number of diastase, but this does not affect its value. On the contrary! He has many virtues. For example, it does not cause allergies. Due to the large amount of fructose it can be consumed by people suffering from diabetes. Acacia honey is good for the work of the cardiovascular system, stomach, kidneys, liver. External it is used to treat various eye diseases, skin diseases, wounds, ulcers. Acacia honey has a pleasant aroma of acacia flowers. The taste of this kind of honey is soft and tender, and it does not get bitter.

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